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Can You Lose Your Salvation
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How to Be Saved & Know It
Theological Dictionary
Defending the Faith
God's Creation
World Religions Index
Chuck Smith
First Baptist Church of Little Rock, AR
»»Pastor Dr. Mark A. Howell
Meadowbrook Baptist Church, Gadsden, AL
>>>Pastor: Randy Gunter, Worship Pastor: Brian Crisman
Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church
Pastor Jonathan Sims
Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX (PowerPoint TV)
Pastor Dr. Jack Graham
The Master's Church of Burlington, NC ( Core Values )
»»Pastor/Teacher Robert Thurman
Geyer Springs First Baptist Church of Little Rock, AR
»»Pastor Paul R. Sanders
First Redeemer Church, Cumming, GA
Pastor: Dr. Richard Lee
Central Baptist Church of Little Rock, AR
»Pastor L. M. Potts
Southern Hills Baptist Church of Tulsa, OK
»»Pastor Dr. Hess Hester
The Summit Church of Little Rock, AR
»Pastor Dr. Bill Elliff ( a Southern Baptist Church )
Covinant Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR
First Southern Baptist Church of  Bryant, AR
»Pastor Dr. James Lagrone
First Baptist Church of Naples, FL
Bible Doctrine Church of Little Rock, AR
»Pastor Dr. Jim Brettell (Myths About Christianity)
First Baptist Church of Jackson, MS
»Pastor Dr. Charles Carter, Interem
Rosewood Baptist Church, Goldsboro, NC
         Christian Values Petition
»Pastor Vernon Braswell
First Southern Baptist of Del City, OK (R)
»Pastor Dr. Tom Elliff
Immanuel Baptist Church of Little Rock, AR (T)
»Pastor Dr. Rex Horne
Fellowship Bible Church of Little Rock, AR
First Baptist Church of Springdale, AR (T)
»Pastor Dr. Ronny Floyd (Invitation to Life)
Prestonwood Baptist Church of Dallas, TX (T)
»Pastor Dr. Jack Graham ( Power Point Ministry)
Bellview Baptist Church of Cordova, TN (&)
»Pastor Dr. Adrian Rogers (Love Worth Finding Ministry)
First Baptist Church of Atlanta, GA (&)
»Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley (In Touch Ministry)
Grace Community Church of Sun Valley, CA (R)
»Pastor Dr. John MacArthur, Jr. (Grace to You Ministry)
Rehoboth Baptist Church, Tucker, GA (T)
»Pastor Dr. F. Bobby Atkins
Riverside Baptist Church, Denver, CO
»Pastor Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
Church at  Rock Creek, Little Rock, AR
»Pastor Mark Evans
Markham Street Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR
»Pastor Marty Brown
Cocklebur Baptist Church, Ward, AR
Third Baptist Church, Malvern, AR
»Pastor Rick Hyde
Harvest Christian Fellowship, CA (T)
»Pastor Greg Laurie
Elmdale Baptist Church, Springdale, AR
»Pastor Mark Brooks
Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, CA (&)
»Pastor Chuck Smith
First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX
»Pastor Dr. Mark Brunson
First Baptist Church, Mountainhome, AR
»Pastor Dr. David L. Johnson
Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church, Montgomery, AL
»Pastor Dr. John Ed Mathison
Fielding Road Baptist Church
»Pastor Dr.Gary A. Smith
Thomas Road Baptist Church
»Pastor Dr. Jerry Falwell
First Baptist, Dallas, TX
First Baptist Church, Wichita Falls, TX
>>Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor
Peninsula Bible Church
Founders' SBC Church Search

Television & Radio Ministries:

The King is Coming (T)
Thru the Bible Radio (R)
»Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Invitation to Life
»»Dr. Ronnie Floyd
The Old-Time Gospel Hour
»»Dr. Jerry Falwell
Gatway to Joy (R)
>Elizabeth Elliot
Bible Answer Man (R)
»Hank Hanagraph
Love Worth Finding (&)
»Dr. Adrian Rogers, Memphis, TN
In Touch Ministries(&)
»Dr. Charles Stanley, Atlanta,GA
Grace to You (R)
»Dr. John MacArthur, Jr.
Turning Point (R)
Dr. David Jeremiah
Old Time Gospel Hour
Jerry Falwell Ministries
>Dr. Jerry Falwell
The Baptist Hour (&)
Radio Bible Class & Day of Discovery (&)
Day of Discovery
Our Daily Bread
The Utmost for His Highest
Zola Levett Presents (T)
  Zola's New Page
Southwest Radio Church (R)
Key Life Ministry (R)
»Steve Brown former Pastor Key Biscayne Presbyterian Church
Hope for Today (R)
»Dr. David Hocking former Pastor of Calvary Church
Hope for Today(T)
»Dr. Rick E. Ferguson of Riverside Baptist, Denver, CO
Family Radio (R)
Focus on the Family
»Dr. James Dobson
Concerned Women for America (R)
»Dr. Beverly LaHaye
Eagle Forum (R)
»Phyllis Schlafly
Trans World Radio (R)
Odyssey Channel (T)
The Inspirational  Network
Trinity Broadcasting Network - TBN (T)
National Minority Television (T)
John Ankerberberg Show (T)
Swan's Place
»Dr. Dennis Swanberg
Involved Christian Radio Network (R)
»Listen to Christian Radio on the World Wide Web
Point of View Radio (R)
»Marlin Maddoux
U.S.A. Radio Network
Jews for Jesus (R)
The Utmost for His Highest

Internet Ministries:
Dr. Harry Ironsides
Ravi Zacharias
HIS - Net Internet Directory
Verse of the Day
Baptist top 1000
Probe Ministries
Christian Internet Forum
The Grace Place
Left Behind Series
Come to Our
Church Alive
Phil's Bookmarks
Show Me GOD
Medical Aspects of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Simple Truth
The Word
Study Bible
Blue Letter Bible
Christian Apologetics
Calvary Internet Fellowship
His Net
A Voice in the Wilderness
»Internet Evangelism
Web Evangelism
Internet for Christians
Gospel Com
»Many Christian Pages
Web Chapel
Gentle Ministries
Baptist Hymnal in MIDI format (1975)
Baptist Hymnal in MIDI format (1991)not yet on line
    (Some of 1991 are posted here)
Charles Wesley's Hymns
Free Christian Software Directory
The Bible Commentary Page
Christian History Institute
This Day in Christian History
Christian Classics Electronic Library
Sharing Christ Our Redeemer Enterprises (SCORE)
 »Ron Owens & Dr. Henry T. Blackaby
Daily Devotions by Henry Blackaby
Baptist Universe
Cybergrace Christian Network
True Path
»Free Christian Web Sites
Rapture Index
Founders' on Line
Southern Baptist Convention
Bible Software Page
World Wide Study Bible (Wheaton)
Bible Browser Home Page
Dr.Ray C. Stedman Memorial Page
Ray Stedman Library
Best of the Christian Web Sites
International Mission Board
(New Name for Foreign Mission Board)
In Jesus. Com
FEAR NOT Ministry
Online Bible
Biblical Studies Foundation
Net Bible
Send a Christian Card
Virtual Holyland
Lighthouse for the Bible

Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Baptist Press
Kindred Spirit
Citizen Magazine
>>Dr. James Dobson
Family Council, Arkansas
>>Jerry Cox
Focus on the Family
>>Dr. James Dobson
Christianity on Line
Decision Magazine
Christian Computing Magazine
Computing Today
Christianity Today
Moody Monthly
World Magazine
Religion Today
SBC Life
Religion News Service
Vision (Arkansas Baptist )
Arkansas Baptist Magazine

Theological Seminaries:
Southeastern Baptist

Southern Baptist 

Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary
Dallas Theological Seminary
Reformed Theological Seminary
Fuller Theological Seminary
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Trinity College & Seminary
Westminster Theological Seminary
The Master's Seminary
The Master's College
Wheaton College
Bibliotheca Sacra
Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College

Other Ministries:
 The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Harvest Crusades
International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem
Steve Green Ministries
Precept Ministries
»Inductive Bible Studies
Community Bible Study
Life Action
Revolution Against Evolution
American Family Association
Arkansas Baptist Foundation
North American Mission Board (SBC)
Tiny Giant


Dr. Mark A. Howell, Little Rock's First Baptist
Dr. John MacArthur, Jr.

Thomas Road Baptist Church

Bible Bulletin Board
Baptist Sermons on Line
The Spurgeon Archive
Spurgeon Index
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry GOD
       In Text Form
Other Janathan Edwards
Jonathan Edwards Online
Times Square Church Pulpit Series
»David Wilkerson
A Sermon by Lester Roloff (may not be a good link)
New Lester Roloff page

Dr. John MacAuthor

Statements of Faith:
Little Rock's First Baptist Church

His-Net Ministries
Christian Apologetics
Dallas Theaological Seminary
Life Action Ministries
Riverside Baptist
First Baptist of Dallas Texas
Thomas Road Baptist Church
First Baptist of Dallas, TX
Covinant Baptist Church, Little Rock, AR
David Spurgeon
In Jesus. Com
Christian Apologetics
(Got Doctrine)
Come to Our Church.Com
Peninsula Bible Church
Biblical Discernment Ministries
Bible Bulletin Board

Benjamin & Charlotte Kirby
David & Martha Miller
D. B. Earl & Mona Hewitt
John & Jeanne Wright

Arkansas Baptist State Convention
Lynn Sadler's Christian Ministries
Christian Bookmarks
More Christian Bookmarks
Jason's Christian Page
Christian Links
Christian Links
Barney's Christian Links
Southern Baptist Convention Churches
Experiencing God
»Dr. Henry T. Blackaby
Salvation Army
Look it up in Webster's 1828 Dictionary
How to Know GOD
Apocalypse, the Motion Picture
Bible Difficulties
Christian Coalition
Arkansas Christian Coalition
»Kevin McCray

Experiencing God Today
Experiencing God Today
The Road to Heaven
God's Eternal Plan
You are Right
Simple Truth
Reclaim America for Christ
Women of Faith

Today's Bible


(R) = Radio Ministry

(T) = Television Ministry

(&) = Radio & Television Ministry

Version: Vulgate:

[John 3:16] sic enim dilexit Deus mundum ut Filium suum unigenitum daret ut omnis qui credit in eum non
                     pereat sed habeat vitam aeternam

Hymn Number 142
"There is a Fountain"


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